Soft magnetic material:

Anyone knows iron or other metal with iron included in magnetic materials, it comes up to me when I was a child, our teacher help us to do a experiment for iron bar attract small metal hardware after magnetized by a permanent magnet. The main difference between permanent magnet and soft magnetic materials is magnetic force remaining time. Normally, there are several main type for soft magnetic materials below,

Mn-zink category soft magnetic material:

Composition : Fe2O3, 71%, MnO, 20%, others : ZnO

High resistivity (10 ohm-cm)

Low magnetic core loss

Curie temperature: high

Shape: EE, EI, ER, PQ, RM, POT and other types.

Application: power transformers, EMI common mode filters, energy storage inductor, etc.

Nickel-zink category soft magnetic material:

Composition: Fe2O3, 50%, NiO, 24%, others: ZnO

High resistivity (107 ohm-cm)

High operating frequency

Core magnetic loss is higher than Mn-Zn

Curie temperature: high

Type: DR, R, ring, etc.

Uses: Normal mode filters, energy storage inductor, etc.

Separated according to materials:

Comparasion between different soft magnetic material:

soft magnetic material