Why Us ?

What we sell is not just magnet, but magnetic solution for specific application

High output

As leading manufacturer of motor magnet in China, our rare earth raw materials supply chain is supported with share holding strategic partner in Inner mongolia, annual production capacity for domestic motor magnet market is over 10,000 metric tons.


With advanced technology and equipment, Quality of magnets are ensured by strict implementation of certifications in ISO:9001, AS9100, ISO TS 16949 and NADCAP. Focusing on environmental protection and obtained ISO14000 Environment System Certificate as well.


Kyle Magnetics helps to customize all types of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies. With the help of professional technical experts are here to help your project start from prototype to mature products, and bring it to market.

The Earth is a big magnet!

Kyle magnetics obtained domestic reputation for over 10 years experiences in researching, designing, manufacturing and supplying magnetic products, with the purpose of “High efficiency, Accuracy in each magnet, quality is our life” . After establishing our foreign brand Magnetfirm, our team is attracted by foreign country’s demand for magnetic solution, so we start to export magnet to other part of the earth, like magnetic flux from North pole to South pole, from Asia to Europe, from Europe to America ……

Check who we are working with as below


With competitive lead time and high efficient production management, our products export to over 83 countries all over the world.

One shop magnet source with annual output over 10,000 tons neodymium magnet, in here you can find any product you need

Magnet manufacturer since 2006, we are providing the most qualitified products and service for all our customers

We stocks a large variety and quantity of the most popular magnetic products and cooperated with DHL, Fedex, which can get a discount for your sample order

We are custom manufacturer for all types of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies. Our technical experts are here to help with your magnetic application.

We are committed to delivering outstanding value to our customers at every opportunity, so package and logo designing is supported, especially for amazon sellers.


Magnetfirm believes Integrity and ethics is the most important part of the business which will contribute to sustainability sooner or later.
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How magnetics starts?

The earth is a big magnet, as more and more evidence proves there are magnetic substance appears in…


Chinese office:

CK Technical park, No.606,Qiu yi Road ,Hangzhou 310051, PRC
Email: info@kylemagnet.info

Kyle Gao


British office:

Hillhead Halls, Don street, Aberdeen, UK. AB24 1WU

Jeffrey Zou


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