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The figure above is a good example. In the traditional one-word structure, two modifications are added, one is the auxiliary groove slit of the outer circle, and the other is the modification of the magnetic steel groove, which is called “Triangle Barrier”. In these two structures, the eddy current loss of the magnetic steel is greatly reduced, magnetic drop is around 70%. Not only that, but the iron consumption of the stator is also improved. If we understand the principle of this modification, we can generalize to other magnetic pole structures, or use other shaping geometry.

A new path has been added to the closed loop of the weak magnetic field, which is the circuit at the magnetic bridge indicated in the above figure, which increases the Ld and reduces the flux linkage. Eventually, the center of the voltage circle is shifted to the left, so that the voltage circle and the current circle have more intersections. These intersections are all possible working points of the motor. The last improved motor ran to 21,000 rpm after our technical dept optimization.