FeCrCo magnet:


Fe-Cr-Co magnet is based on the Spinodal decomposition theory based on the addition of Co to the Fe-Cr binary alloy, comparing with Alnico magnet, one of the biggest advantages of FeCrCo alloy?is that their Curie temperature is higher at Tc = 680 ° C (Tc is depends on grade) which means the working temperature is up to 400 ° C. But reversible temperature coefficient is very high Small, -0.0128% ℃ illustrates good magnetic stability, suitable for high-precision components. Kylemagnet now produces a variety of wire, strip, bar, pipe, the thinnest strip is 0.05 mm, the thinnest wire can be 0.1 mm, the surface of finished components can be based on user requirements with coating solution for different working environment, Can also be processed with a metallic luster, surface finish up to the highest level, to meet the requirements of military products. Divided to isotropic and anisotropic, magnetic field direction axial, radial and radial magnetic field.

Ferrochrome known as transformers in permanent magnets is the advantage of the magnetic material, easy metal processing, especially drawing and pulling the tube is the other permanent magnetic materials can not be compared with it.



  • Poor performance
  • Remanence Br = 13000-14000 GS
  • Coercivity Hc = 650 (Oe) about 52 KA / M
  • BHmax = 6.0 MGOe
  • Physical properties, hardness as 304 stainless steel the same 30-35 easy processing


  1. Electric industry;
  2. Tele communication;
  3. Micro motor;
  4. Loud speaker;
  5. Automobile speedometer etc.