Magnet Safety Instruction:

  1. Magnet with high magnetic field strength after magnetization is dangerous, especially for neodymium magnetic materials. Please do not place the magnetized magnets where children can reach them. One shall prevent his/her hands or other parts of the body from being pinched in the process of transportation and usage. For those magnets with bigger size, more attention should be paid to personal safety and protection;
  2. Sintered neodymium magnets have a rather weak corrosion resistance and shall be stored in the sintered neodymium magnets in the acidic, alkaline, high-temperature and humid environment;
  3. The magnetic property of this product will be greatly reduced after being heated, so this product should avoid being heated in the process of transportation and storage;
  4. In the process of assembling the product into other parts, it shall be ensured that the workplace is clean lest iron filings and other small impurities adsorbing on the surface of magnet affecting the normal use of product;
  5. This product is very strong in magnetism and has the risk of making electronic products lose their utility. Therefore, please stay away from electronic products, like laptop, mobile phone and medical devices or anyone carrying pacemaker and other medical equipment.
  6. This product is hard and brittle with risking of being broken or fractured when used it in vibration, impact cases. Therefore, precautions shall be taken in the design and usage to prevent broken product from flying out and injuring objects and persons;
  7. This product is magnetic functional materials and not edible. Please do not swallow this product, especially for 5 mm magnetic ball, stay away from children under 6 years old.