Lab Introduction

Recognized as Engineering and Technological Research Center in Ningbo for Neodymium Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Material and also Enterprise Technology Center with Academician workstation established, that is the strategic partner of NIMTE, engaged in the research of “high coercivity sintered neodymium with low dysprosium”, mainly for HEV and wind turbine industry.

Professional R&D team

R&D dept support analysis for magnetic material and production process,  to serve customer with professional solution in magnetics, help them to bring a prototype come to market.

magnet research

Inspection report for each magnet

Kyle Magnetics insist doing  final inspection for each magnet we manufactured with magnetic characteristics and dimension with physical tolerance. BH curve is supported to offer to customer, technically speaking, we call it hysteresigraph for all magnetization and demagnetization process. For some application, might just ask HAST or salt spray testing, demagnetization for each magnet will be recorded and archived for each order before shipment, to help customer with traceability in 8D report or any other internal document audit.

testing report

Technical Innovation with imported 6 chambers continuous sintering furnace

Sintering furnace ~ 30 kg/batch

Jet mill ~ 0.5, 1 and 5 kg/batch

HD furnace ~ 30kg/batch

Melting furnace ~ 0.5 kg/batch

DFP (Dy/Tb Free/reduction Process)
Low oxygen + Refining grain size To control oxygen content and optimize technology & devices in every step.