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Lamination rare earth magnet is proved can reduce the eddy current loss for the high-efficiency motors. The reduction of the eddy current loss can decrease the max working temp of magnet and improve the efficiency.

Nowadays, new-energy generator, aerospace and Intelligent industrial robot markets are addicted to pursuing the balance of motor power and calorific value, so the demand of lamination rare earth magnet demand increasing. With respect to your designing team and project requirement, KM can help you with magnetics customization of the following contents by using the licensed process manufactured lamination rare earth magnet:


  • Insulation thickness: 50-100 um(Magnet thickness limits the layers);
  • Max working temp of magnet: 60-400 centigrade;
  • Temp resistance of magnet surface plating: 200-500 centigrade;
  • Corrosion resistance of magnet surface coating: Neutral salt spray test can be over 1,000 hours;
  • PCT test: over 500 hours.
  • Magnetic assembly customized supported, even though a finished rotor.



Kyle Magnetics devotes itself into the development and stable production for Automotive motor magnet and Wind turbine magnet. The high-consistency and low-temp . coefficient magnet of multi-grade and multi-type are already in mass product. As for SHT series wind turbine magnet with big dimension in mass production, the magnetic-flux fluctuation range<±1%; 120℃ X 2h average heat demagnetization rate<1%;

  1. KMT GRADE with lower temp coefficient, comparing with normal N series, with higher max working temp, applying to H series and above grade, such as 45HT, 35SHT, 38UHT, the weight loss processing can be lower than 1mg/cm2 after corrosion HAST test, mainly used for motor or generator application;
  2. KML grade is tested by HAST with good performance, comparing with normal N series, our factory use specific ingredients and manufacturing process to lower this parameter, held over 40 patents in neodymium magnet manufacturing. All parameter tested under 121 centigrade, 2 atm, humidity 95% above, lasts 168 hours;
  3. KMTL combine both KMT and KML characteristics together, which widely used in motor magnet.

KMN spec
magnet structure

Picture above illustrate the micro-structure of 42SHT for wind turbine magnet, particle size is in high consistence, no neodymium rich phase agglomeration among particles, help low working temp coefficient, low weight loss and high-consistence of rare earth magnet.



By optimizing the ingredients and cast slice structure, the particle size of magnet is refined and improving micro-structure, which help to decrease the reliance of Heavy rare earth-free grades: N52/N54, N50M, N45H/48H, 38SH/40SH, heave rare earth low type like N52M, N50H, N42SH.



Grain boundary diffusion technology tends to reduce the using of heavy rare earth so that can save the raw materials cost and saving heavy rare earth resources in China, improving cost performance of magnet at the same time;

Aiming at guarantee other parameters remain same with grain boundary diffusion process, super high grade magnet can be manufactured, like 52SH, 50UH, 45EH, and 40SH. HCJ of some magnet(kOe)+(BH)max(MGOe)>78.