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As leading manufacturer of magnet in China, our supply chain with PyNd rare earth mine is supported with share holding strategic partner in Inner mongolia

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Hangzhou Kyle Magnet is your one shop magnet source, in here you can find any magnetic products you need, solve application with the help of us.

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In 1949, even before rare earths were used industrially, Spedding invented the first methods for separating them from one another; the technique grew out of his work on purifying uranium and thorium for the Manhattan Project. The Ames lab is still the only research center in the country with a significant emphasis on the materials.

Magnetic materials category

Sintered magnet

Sintered magnet including sinterd SmCo, Neodymium and alnico magnet, which means we use sintering process mainly magnet production, arc shape and radially magnetized ring shape used for generator or motor industry, our engineer support magnetic circuit design.

motor magnet

Bonded magnet

Injection molding magnet covers injection molding ceramic, neodymium and other bonded magnetic materials, which we use magnetic powder for injection machine process, as a new technical way to build magnet, the magnetic power is between rubber and permanent magnet.

arc shape magnet

Rare earth magnet

Though rare-earth purification is no longer done in the United States, it was invented here by Frank Spedding, the founder of the Ames National Laboratory in Iowa. Now over 90% rare earth magnet manufactured in China mainland, which contains Neo and SmCo.

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