Colorful Pot Magnet:

colorful pot magnet

Pulling force, magnetic materials and iron house of?Colorful Pot Magnet?is customized, logo and package is supported to be designed as your requirements. What we can do is more than a normal manufacturer!


  • Nano-coating process makes pot magnet more full-coated, uniform, smooth and easy handling;
  • Especially in the coating uniformity, formation, adhesion, corrosion resistance, flexibility, coating integrity, etc. Nano-coating is clearly better than other coating process;
  • 8 colors can be chosen for special application, with water-proof and food grade using(Usually customer asked us to use epoxy coating with parylene plated in specific application);
  • Pull force and dimension can both be customized according to your request, comparing with those hot seller (rare earth neodymium pot magnet)online or offline.

Applied to NE,NA,NJ etc series, for more information about dimension, please download?KM Magnetic solution?catalog for more details.


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