Alibaba trade assurance one touch service become low credit rating in C level

According to?Chinese Customs import and export credit information disclosure platform inquiries shows: Alibaba’s Zhejiang onetouch?Enterprise Services Co., Ltd. has been reduced from the general credit business in 20180302 to dishonesty enterprises, which means that?Chinese custom?look-up rate of inspection will go straight up and will be under strict customs control measures?for each of your order, alibaba trade assurance bonded to onetouch service, so delivery time will be delayed and you need to do all the thing officially, otherwise, unexpected custom issues will happen to risk your business, losses all goods even.

alibaba trade assurance

General credit enterprise certification

Note: Since December 1, 2014, the Customs has upgraded from the previous management of AA, A, B, C and D enterprises to the AEO Advanced Certification, General Certification, General Credit Enterprise and Untrustworthy Enterprise recognized by the WCO.

The customs shall re-certify the high-level certification enterprises every three years. If one touch service fail to be downgraded through re-certification,?will have to be downgraded to administrative penalties and directly become dishonest enterprises, since alibaba trade assurance is connected permanently to one touch, which means if you payment via alibaba trade assurance, whoever you are, you have to use one touch service agent in C level credit to do custom clearance, so the delay and risk should be estimated or avoided in advance, Kyle Magnetics team is specialized in magnetic product trading business, so anything we can help with your risk controlling, do not hesitate to contact us!

One touch service lower reasons

From the original business category management rules lower from B to C reasons, as long as one of the following conditions happens as below:

(1) There have been two irregularities in a year, or the tax evasion of more than 50,000 CNY?and less than 500,000 CNY?has been evaded;

(2) To owe the customs duty of 1 million CNY?or less;

(C) the confusion in the management of books, books, information can not be true, effectively reflect the business situation of import and export;

(4) Losing important business documents or refusing to provide relevant books and materials so as to make the customs unable to supervise;

(5) failing to go through the procedures for verification of the contract of processing trade according to the provisions;

(F) within a year the declaration error rate is over?10%;

(7) lending the name of the enterprise for others to handle the declaration and taxation of import and export goods, etc.

(8) Being given a circular of criticism, warning or other administrative penalty by the department in charge of foreign trade and economic cooperation during the import and export business activities.

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