Why we build magnet in arc shape?

Arc shape magnet is moving component of an electromagnetic system in the electric motorelectric generator, or alternator. Its rotation is due to the interaction between the winding and magnetic fields which produces a torque around the rotor’s axis, after thousands of times experiments, we are working with Delo located in Germany for glue and isolation materials solutions. So arc shape magnet stick to iron house as rotor for permanent magnet motor. or we build in wedge magnet as below to composite a circular rotor magnetic filed.

permanent motor magnet

Specification data:




温度系数%/℃(Lost percent when heat up%)


失重标准(Lost weight standard )mg/cm2
Br Hcj
普通牌号Normal Grade -(0.11~0.12) -(0.58~0.70) ≤80
“KMT牌号”“T Grade” -(0.095~0.115) -(0.46~0.59) ≤15
“KML牌号”“L Grade” -(0.10~0.12) -(0.55-0.65) ≤5
“KMTL牌号”“TL Grade” -(0.095~0.115) -(0.46~0.59) ≤5



1.KMT GRADE with lower temp coefficient, comparing with normal N series, with higher max working temp, applying to H series and above grade, such as 45HT, 35SHT, 38UHT, mainly used for motor or generator application;

2.KML grade is tested by HAST with good performance, comparing with normal N series, our factory use specific ingredients and manufacturing process to lower this parameter, held over 40 patents in neodymium magnet manufacturing. All parameter tested under 121 centigrade, 2 atm, humidity 95% above, lasts 168 hours;

3.KMTL combine both KMT and KML characteristics together, which widely used in motor magnet.



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