Brushless permanent magnetic rotor:

To understand why a BLDC motor is so effective, it’s important to have a good understanding of how it works. Here is a case Kyle magnetics is working on the?motor magnet assemblying which is for licence to Tesla. It should together with the electronic commutator and speed controller give 97% efficiency rather than 90% which is what they get from their rive train. If of course can be licensed to any electric vehicle manufacturer. It has an amazing stator with motor magnet

motor magnetThe losses mainly occur in the permanent motor magnet at high power and high field from the stator. Hence the segmentation of the magnets.


The present designing of the rotor is not ideal. The fiberglass washers need to be totally flat and straight, the tapping needs to be perfect. If is not so easy. Also there may be too much aluminium near to the stator.

So the thing to do is to change with our engineers’ designing with sample after dynamic balance inspection. Hopefully it will be a bit better than the previous one. Our oversea engineers are working on an improved wobble free rotor design for the next iteration.


At present, we signed a contract with PyNd mine company located in inner mongolia and a state-owned enterprise in Bai yin, Gansu province(my hometown). which are used to make rare earth motor magnet that help generate torque in wind turbines. I think these two field have big potential market for sure, like two pillars to hold the future transportation system.


Kyle magnetics also help several domestic electric car manufacturer with wheel hub motor and engine motor magnet, will keep continue working on it try to overcome this issue with technical breakthrough and keep updated with everyone who is interested in energy system if we face same situation in project.


We are professional in motor magnet manufacturing and magnetic assembly, will try our best to support your new designing in magnetics, for now, we are working on another Italian motor company in radially magnetized ring magnet rotor as below, which is our advantage since only few motor magnet manufacturers can do this in China.

You can check our testing video ON our Facebook homepage, or check the pdf downloading for our designing below,



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