bullet magnet

KM Bullet magnet is designed to remove tramp type contamination, for example nuts, bolts, staples etc, from gravity and pneumatically conveyed pipelines. Housed bullet magnet is ideal to prevent tramp iron from damaging expensive process machine such as blenders, granulator, mixer and screw feed conveyors.

A high intensity bullet magnet is constructed by a magnet cone in the central within a SS house. Cone shape ensures smooth flowing volume, which makes the cone concentrate strong strength to capture the iron tramps perfectly. The design gurantees product flow is unaffected by the magnetic element.


As the cone is fixed on the door, when you open the door, magnet cone will come out simultaneously, please notice simple release the door securing toggle clamps to gain access to the bullet element. All attracted contamination will be removed in this way.


Product line covers dry powder and granular containing larger contamination of iron tramps, grain and “lumpy” products, usually installed in inlet/outlet points of production line.? Check other?magnetic filter application?here.


  1. Easy to inspect;
  2. Maintains full flow;
  3. High collection capacity;
  4. Reduce”spark” risk;
  5. Removes “tramp” sized contaminants;
  6. Meets audit requirements;
  7. Rare earth strong magnetic materials, all parameter can be customized according to specific application.


bullet magnet


Magnetic performance: 9,000 Gauss;

Magnetic materials: Rare earth neodymium iron boron;

Magnetic grade: Standard N38-inspected and offer BH curve and testing report;

Working temp: -20/+90 centigrade;

Pressure:+/-0.8 bar;



Housing and tubing:?SS304;

Surface finish: Bead blast

Sealing: Self adhered while foam

Toggle clamps: Mild steel-Zink plating(different from magnet use Cr3+ or Cr6+)



Stainless steel toggle clamps;

High working temp Samarium Cobalt rare earth magnet(+220 centigrade, after strip casting like neodymium magnet)

Sizes up to 500 mm;

Metal detectable silicon rubber seal-dark blue, FDA approved;

Flanged to suit;

Safety relay switches;

Ceramic magnetic materials.


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