Magnetic chuck is a magnetic solution for metal process, materials handling, convenient mold transaction etc, KM divides them to

  1. Electro-permanent magnetic chuck
  2. Permanent magnetic chuck

magnetic chuck

Magnetic chuck composite with square poles of alternating polarization N/S pole in a chessboard configuration guarantees the flat and horizontal circuiting of magnetic flux concentrated exclusively in the polar area.

During the on status, magnetic flux is short-circuited outside the magnetic surface, safely clamping the mold with a very limited magnetic depth, so as not to affect any internal part of the engaged mold.

On the other status, magnetic flux is short circuited inside the magnetic module frame, releasing the mold for its change over perfectly.

Magnet inside the chuck:

Each square pole of KM system is an independent magnetic island made by a steel core and surrounded on its 5 faces high energy permanent magnets, which manufactured by ourselves, usually the ratio we are doing is Alnico:Neodymium magnet=1:3, which depends on designing and application. Permanent magnet generate a high value of magnetic force concentrated and constant at indefinite period of time.

The total holding force increased as the number of magnetic poles engaged with the surface of the mold thus always predictable. Even the size of mold is smaller, magnetic pole is highly enough to concentrate in a focusing region.


  • It can be used for any punch, or cutting block etc;
  • Reduction of machine mold changing time and cost;
  • Depth of magnetic flux is only 18 mm, rather than magnetize all mold holding on it, so as the spare parts and product inside the cavity;
  • Easy handling, you only need to press the mag button for some seconds before its daily work;
  • Clamping force is remaining even under power off situation;
  • No extra cost for maintaining.


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