Fridge magnets product description:

fridge magnets

Most people find it is very difficult to keep their fridge well organized. As a result, they simply end up throwing things in, up until the very moment they open the refrigerator door and everything comes falling out. If you would like to save yourself from all this mess and trouble, you have come to our fridge magnet.

Kyle Magnetics dedicates ourselves in improving our life standard by using magnetic solutions, now we presents you the ultimate magnetic bottle holders which are exactly what you need!

These extra strong fridge magnets can hold bottles, jars and even cans from starbuck! These amazing magnetic bottle holders?use magnet for fridge will make organization a piece of cake for you!

ABS Fridge magnets Specification :

Dimension: 27*4*0.508 cm
N.W: 0.182 kg

Engineers from kyle magnetics start with PP plastic materials for fridge magnet, The durable ABS material they are made of assures unmatched longevity, somehow, our R&D changed the design with ABS, and 3m glue on the back, due to thermal expansion with magnet for fridge.

In addition, each of these heavy duty magnets can securely hold up to 1.5 pounds! thanks to the powerful imported 3m adhesive tape, you can place these magnetic bottle holders in your refrigerator and cabinets, under your shelves or even cabinets on the ceiling, we are trying to make improvement with magnetic circuit designing inside the pot magnet base, then assembling with ABS bar to complete fridge magnets.

basically everywhere you like. These storage and organization magnetic bottle holders will give you the chance to keep bottles, cans, jars and any container with a metal lid neatly stored, leaving you much more free space to store the rest of your goods!

New comer:

fridge magnetsThanks to the break through of aluminum material assembling with magnetic process, now we are using aluminum for fridge magnet, to avoid thermal expansion, especially on summer. Another significant advantage is holding force is stronger than ABS type, some of our customer complain that if they hang 6 bottles under fridge magnet for several months, bottles might drop off since glue shrinks between iron and ABS plastic, but aluminum performs better!

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