Neodymium magnets, which are popularly referred to as NIB magnets, are capable of offering an immense lifting power. They will usually have a great magnetism level, ranging between N24 and N55, but they can also have the maximum level of N64. A Neodymium magnet can have any of these magnetic level ranges according to the composition, shape, and the manufacturing technique.

Neodymium magnets are vulnerable to temperature variations. At a higher temperature usually, which is more than 176 degrees Fahrenheit. At this operating temperature, these magnets will fracture or they will lose their magnetism.  Some specialized magnets will offer better performance at higher temperatures, but usually above their specified temperature, they will not work properly. On the other hand, these magnets will offer an enhanced performance in cooler temperatures. This is for the reason that the Neodymium magnets are habitually bypassed for applications, which are exposed to higher temperatures.

While making these magnets, the Neodymium magnet manufacturer will gather rare earth metals and separate them from other minerals to locate the functional neodymium. The extracted neodymium is then crushed into a powder. The powder will then mixed with boron and iron and the mixture will be resealed into a preferred shape. As the Neodymium magnets contain iron, they will have the same mechanical delicateness as well as other characteristics as those of other ferromagnetic materials.

Neodymium magnets are more versatile in use, as they are very strong. They are widely used in both industrial, as well as in commercial applications. They are also used in many types of other applications, such as in the manufacture of toys, jewelry, computer tools, and much more. They are also sent into space to assist gather dust from the Mars surface. The dynamic abilities of Neodymium magnets have made them being used even in experimental levitation appliances. Besides these applications, a neodymium magnet is used in other magnetic application, such as fusing clamps, mounting tools, oil filters, costumes, etc.


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