motor magnet

Laminated magnet mainly used in the motor or generator industry, so we call it laminated motor magnet sometimes.Usually laminating rare earth magnet to make them stronger and efficiency for motor or rotor building only.

Decrease Eddy Current Loss in High-Efficiency Motors.

High efficiency demands the best materials, and the KM laminated magnet with less eddy current loss means less heat and less waste, so that demagnetization of the magnet will be lower, no more HAST and working temp test before building or designing new type motor, a cooler or refrigerator work perfectly as we tested the max working temp of 24 kW/H motor only reach 50 centigrade during our self-balance testing. Widely used in the aerospace, automotive, Motorsport, electric tricycle and industrial markets are turning to laminated magnets, working to balance the trade off between power and heat.Check the case we did 2 years before


KM options for insulation glue between laminated magnet:

  • Insulation layers, thickness<20 um
  • Performs at temperatures up to 200˚C
  • Magnet layers from 0.5 mm and up in custom shapes and sizes


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