Magnet electroplating:

Magnet plating, or we call it coating or electroplating of magnet is necessary to protect magnet from different working environment. Choosing different coatings does not affect the magnetic strength or performance of the magnet, except for our Plastic and Rubber Coated Magnets. The preferred coating is dictated by preference or intended application. More detailed specifications can be found on our FAQ.

magnet plating

Thickness of magnet plating is totally different, which might influence the tolerance of magnet. For more details, you can start to learn from KM plating PDF below,

KM plating

Testing environment:

  1. Anti-rusted in salt spray: 35+/-2 centigrade, 5% NaCL, PH=6.5-7.2, salt spray sinking 1.5ml/hour;
  2. PCT:120+/-3 centigrade, 2-2.4 atm, distilled water PH=6.7-7.2, 100% RH.
  3. Special requirements for plating for your application, please contact us to get a magnet plating solution.

How neodymium magnet plating influence tolerance of magnet?

Tolerance of magnet depends on electroplating and dimension before plating, for example, the iron in the neodymium magnet will oxidize very easily if exposed to moisture, rather than anti-rusted like alnico magnet or ceramic magnet. And we usually beveled each corner angle before electroplating, which help to avoid Electron concentration. So we usually file a inspection report to guarantee the tolerance of magnet after production finished.


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