magnetic drum separator

KM magnetic drum separator is designed for continuous self-cleaning of metal contaminants from product flow streams and any dry bulk materials and is regularly installed in the most arduous of environments. Magnetic separator should be fitted at the discharge end of conveyors or vibratory feeders. High performance rare earth magnets are incorporated within a stainless steel wear resistant drum shell. Cleaning is continuous: magnetic separator rotates taking contamination away from the static magnets. Units are available for all product volume flows ranging from 5-500 cubic meter/hr and a contamination loading of up to 50% of the total product volume.


The processed product is fed over the drum surface where any contamination is attracted. As the drum magnet rotates, carry-over fins move the contamination to the rear of the drum where the magnetic area ends where the contamination falls in the opposite direction of the material being processed.


End of conveyor belt, vibratory feeder or in-line chute sections. Usually for the dry materials, grain and sand, especially for the diameter is over 0.5 mm, bulk with a high concentration of iron contaminants contained.? Check other?magnetic filter application?here.


  1. Continuous self cleaning;
  2. Allows difficult products to be screened;
  3. High volume capacity;
  4. Reduce”spark” risk;
  5. Removes large to medium sized contamination.


magnetic drum separator


Magnetic performance: 3,500 Gauss;

Magnetic materials: Rare earth neodymium iron boron;

Magnetic field depth: 215 mm Dia=85 mm; 315 mm Dia.=100 mm; 400 mm Dia.=150 mm;

Working temp: -20/+90 centigrade;


Housing and tubing:?SS 304 with aerospace quality;

Electrical spec: 415/380 Volts industrial three phase IP 54 rated motor gearbox

Surface finish: Bead blast

Sealing: Self adhered while foam


High working temp Samarium Cobalt rare earth magnet(+220 centigrade, after strip casting like neodymium magnet);

Over pressure to +/-5 bar;

316 grade stainless steel.



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