Magnetic grate:

Magnetic grate is designed for product purity of free flowing materials such as carbon black, drugs, chemicals, cosmetics, plastics, food industries etc. These units are easily installed in any hopper or floor opening, chute or duct. Magnetic frame separates impurity from free-flowing materials containing iron substances, metal particle in ionic conditions even. Then, Iron particles are attracted to magnetic bar under magnetic filed. Kyle magnetics solution help your equipment and facilities protected and guarantee product safety with magnetic grate, especially for food industry.


Magnetic grate

Magnetic grate are constructed by a row of magnetic bar which are fixed to frames in various shape. It can be square, rectangle, round, oval, triangle, rhombus or abnormal type applying to different application. Center distance of magnetic grate is usually 2 inches. All magnetic frame?and shells are 100% stainless steel. Or you can check other types of magnetic filter here.


  • Magnetic strength?Up?to 12000 gauss;
  • Shell: Support from?SS304,?SS316?and SS316L;
  • Surface treatment: High standard Polishing;
  • Working temperature: Ordinary working temperature is under 80 degree C. High temperature up to 350 degree C can be offered to meet specific application
  • Designing: Standard, easy clean with one layer, multi-layer with custom designs, OEM is supported

KM magnetic grate Inspection report

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