Magnetic liquid trap:

Designed to extract the ferrous material from the liquid, semi-liquid and air conveying power in order to purity the materials in the production process. Strong magnetic tubes inside the housing, to filtrate the flow and pick out the unwanted ferrous metal. magnetic water filter is simply mounted to the existing pipeline via flange or threaded end. Easy access is also possible to use a quick release clamp.


Magnetic water filter consists of a group of magnetic bar and a housing outside. Inlet and outlet make it possible to simply mounted to the existing pipeline via various connection type, flange, quick release clamp.

  • Magnetic strength?Up?to 12000 gauss;
  • Shell: Support from?SS304,?SS316?and SS316L;
  • Surface treatment: High standard Polishing;
  • Working temperature: Ordinary working temperature is under 80 degree C. High temperature up to 350 degree C can be offered to meet specific application;
  • Designing:? Fine polishing and well welding in food grade;
  • Pressure resistance: 5 kg(0.5Mpa) with quick release clamp while 10 kg(1.0Mpa) with flange. High pressure resistance in designed on request.
  • As rare earth magnet is extremely powerful and tramp metal is very difficult to remove by hand, so easy clean designing solution can be offered by our professional technical engineers.
  • To meet the demand of heat-preserving, we offer you a special jacket design, DIY designing,? specification is supported to customize according to your requirements.


Many products will coagulate when the temperature decreasing. Like chocolate, it need to preserve high temperature to ensure the free-flowing status. So designing of temperature-preserving magnetic separator is necessary to obtain an ideal result in filtering ferrous contaminants, like the case we did for chocolate industry.


2 Separation process dry
3 Solids origin equipment wear
4 Medium to be separated:


– terephtalic?acid?– hard powder;

– solid size: less 40 micron max 30%cm, more than 250 micron max 18%;

– material humidity – max 0,2%; temperature till 150 ОС

– bulk density 0,9 kg/dm3

– content of magnet fraction up to 10?g/g after separation – max 2 ?g/g


5 Required?capacity?(acc. Hard powder) 20 ton/hr
6 Operating mode А) continuous
7 Installation place On vertical pipe section DN 300. Height of vertical section – 0.5-0.9 m. Location – outdoor
8 Is it possible to get sample of separating material for labor tests (5-10 kilos) yes
9 Others


to get available automatic cleanup system


KM designing for customer

magnetic filtermagnetic filter


Magnetic water filter should be cleaned periodically for the most efficient performance. Release the lock bolt and hand out the magnetic rods group. The wipe the tramp metal from SS shell one by one. Please using extreme caution and war gloves during this process.

Check more application for magnetic filter.

Or get a solution from our technical team by filling the chart?KM-Magnetic-separator-design.


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