magnetic plate

KM Magnetic plate is designed to be installed either in chute or in the conveying process. High intensity underflow magnet has been designed to operate in arduous conditions and where contamination size is relatively large, like nuts, bolts etc, since strong magnetic field will attract and hold the iron metals when materials pass through the plate magnet.

The unit is secured to the chute by a hinge and toggle clamp arrangement, which ensure even pressure is generated around the seal to prevent any product leakage.


Magnetic plate is very easy to clean. Simply release the two securing toggle clamps and allow the magnet to swing away under its own weight, this will give access to the magnetic face. All attracted contamination can now be removed by a gloved hand or scraper tools.

Application: Mainly used for dry and semi dry powders, granulates and lumps etc in all angled chute sections, to protect the crusher or?pulverizer in the following production process. Like glass manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine,?grain processing,?cigarettes and tobacco industries.??Check other?magnetic filter application?here.


  1. Easy to clean;
  2. Maintains full flow;
  3. High collection capacity;
  4. Reduce”spark” risk;
  5. Removes sub-micron sized contaminants;
  6. Meets audit requirements;
  7. Rare earth strong magnetic materials, all parameter can be customized according to specific application.



Magnetic performance: 3,500 Gauss;

Magnetic materials: Rare earth neodymium iron boron;

Magnetic grade: Standard N38-inspected and offer BH curve and testing report;

Working temp: -20/+60 centigrade;

Pressure:+/-0.2 bar;



Housing and tubing:?SS304, SS316 and SS316L aerospace quality;

Surface finish: Brushed finished

Sealing: Self adhered while foam

Toggle clamps: Zink plating(different from magnet use Cr3+ or Cr6+)



Stainless steel toggle clamps;

Ceramic magnetic materials supported

Sizes up to 500 mm or square;

304 grade stainless steel;

Pharmaceutical specification;

ATEX certificated;

Stainless steel toggle clamps.

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