magnetic rotary separator

KM magnetic rotary separator is used to remove the ferrous contaminants from materials are prone to bridging and/or caking. This magnetic separator contains a centrally mounted magnetic cyclic rotary bar group and a housing outside, which we call magnetic assembly: numerous “easy clean” magnetic rod are arranged in a “wheel” around and parallel to the axis of rotation. The number of rods depends on the inlet and outlet size.

The magnetic assembly rotates, gently agitating the product being processed. It is the agitation that prevents blockages occurring.

All dry and semi-dry powder and granular type materials, such as starch etc., can be processed through the unit.


In order to ensure perfect performance, it has to check periodically, KM “easy clean” system, cleaning can be finished within a matter of minutes.

Simply remove the door and the assembly from housing. Remove the magnetic cores from the magnetic separator. All attracted contamination will then be released allowing for inspection of further analysis.


Dry and semi-dry powders and granulates, starch, protein etc. Suitable for any vertical process lines, such as required in pharmaceutical industry, food, food additive, fine chemistry, lithium battery etc.?Check other?magnetic filter application?here.


  1. Easy to clean;
  2. Allows difficult products to be screened;
  3. Reduce”spark” risk;
  4. Removes sub-micron sized contaminants;
  5. Meets audit requirements;
  6. Rare earth strong magnetic materials, all parameter can be customized according to specific application.



Magnetic performance: 7,000-15,000 gauss;

Magnetic materials: Rare earth neodymium iron boron;

Magnetic grade: Standard N38-inspected and offer BH curve and testing report;

Working temp: -20/+60 centigrade;

Pressure:+/-0.2 bar;

Electrical spec: 415/380v industrial three phase IP65 rated motor gearbox


Magnetic Materials

Housing and tubing:?SS304, SS316 and SS316L aerospace quality;

Surface finish: Brushed internally/externally to 1.2 um

Sealing: Self adhered while foam’

Toggle clamps: Mid steel-bright zink plated(different from magnet use Cr3+ or Cr6+)



Stainless steel toggle clamps;

High temp Samarium cobalt (+220 centigrade)or alnico magnetic materials( +510 centigrade);

Over pressure to +/-5 bar;

Sizes up to 500 mm or square;

304 grade stainless steel;

Pharmaceutical specification;

ATEX certificated;

Flange to suit;

Metal detectable silicon rubber seal-dark blue, FDA approved.


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