Pickup magnet

pickup magnet

Alnico pickup magnet may be the most popular, but ceramic pickup magnets?are also an option to consider. As mentioned earlier, it has a harsher edge than alnico. The two have a noticeably different sound, albeit both very good. And ceramic magnets are less expensive, making them attractive to use in manufacturing budget or entry-level pickups.

Probably the biggest variables that influence the decision between alnico and ceramic magnets for guitar pickups are their specific uses or effects sought within the realm of pickups. Let’s start with alnico. They are known to be very strong and durable, which is what many pickup manufacturers love about them. Because of this, they are also used for things such as loudspeakers and motors.

pickup magnet

But any seasoned musician will argue that its best purpose is served planted into the pickup of your guitar. These durable magnets are known for a smooth, melodic sound when it comes to the tone of the instrument, and different from the sound of the circuit created with ceramic magnets.


Common size ceramic pickup magnets:

pickup magnet

As we can see same size as alnico magnet, but sound output for different music style is totally different.

Ceramic magnet is quite strong and gives a very bright tone. It retains articulation and clarity even with heavy distortion which makes it suited for heavy distorted styles.

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