These industrial strength rare earth magnets are designed to be durable and incredibly powerful for their size. The chrome plated steel cup acts to not only protect the magnet from physical damage, but to also focus the magnetic power on the open face of the magnets, creating a magnetic pull sufficient for most applications. Each magnet creates a pull force of approximately 70 lbs!

magnet pull force

Application tell the difference between same size magnet and pot magnet

  1. Magnet: Unlike the simple magnet, the pot magnet only exposes one face. For pot magnet, the magnetization direction of magnet will via axial direction. The NdFeB, SmCo and ferrite are all suitable for pot magnet.
  2. Steel shell: The steel shell will help themagnet without crack and chip. Most of magnets are brittle, the steel shell can ensure threaded hole and stub insert to assembly. The most important role of steel shell is rise the magnetic field.
  3. Spacer: The spacer can be made of plastic, epoxy resin and brass. The spacer situate between magnet and steel shell toprevent the demagnetization of magnet from the steel.

magnetic-circuit-of-pot magnet


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