Many our business partners ask us the production process of magnet, instead of watching a brief video on youtube, I will describe this process and help you understand which process definite the characteristics of neodymium magnet based on materials science.

The production flow chart indicates the production process of magnet in different equipment based on various stages.

production process of magnet

  1. In the first stage, raw materials like neodymium, praseodymium and other rare earth metal element are deposited into strip casting furnace, and then delivered to Hydrogen decrepitation chamber after striping, which help strip magnet pieces come into being magnetic powder, a processional magnet manufacturer will test the powder by laser particle size analyzer, compared with other small family workshop, this testing process guarantee the consistency of final magnet, especially for motor or other industrial application.
  2. From this point on, Jet milling and Mix milling accelerate production entered the second stage. They are pressed into a mold based on customized dimension for different application. According to the specific requirements for hardship of materials which change the density of magnet from 5.9g/cubic millimeter to 7.55-7.6 or thereabout(depends on grade of magnet). After that, the germ magnet will be sent to hydrogen-oxygen analyzer for second inspection.
  3. Before being magnetized, the germ magnet will go through the machining process, and being cut into pieces, lots of process like line cutting, bench grinder, chamfer preparing etc. Tolerance standard is 0.05mm during this stage, but thanks to our technical dept breakthrough, we can make it within 0.03mm for small dimension to match some serious designing project’s requirements, which helps KM hold over 50 patents for magnet manufacturing.


Eventually, final magnet will be sent to do surface treatment, due to rare earth is active, easily getting rusted as time goes by, with the combination of our special electroplating layer, it will be well protected. Neodymium magnet is packed and delivered from our factory to logistics or market, and then the hand of customers during the given lead time(KM standard lead time is 10-15 days, based on our stock management system)


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