Rare earth magnetic materials:

KM R&D focusing on cobalt importing from Zambia and Jinchuan company located in Kyle’s hometown Gansu province, on the one hand, we are trying to use cobalt element to increase the Hcj of permanent magnet with lower cost in different replacement component, on the other hand, Cobalt is proved to work with Tin for stronger rare earth magnetic materials.
Working alongside the Nebraska researchers in the same ARPA-E program at the University of Delaware are advancing nano composites that use far less of the valuable rare-earth materials, but that have been shown theoretically to generate magnetic strengths twice as powerful as today’s best permanent magnets.


The lab is mixing particles, just 20 to 30 nano meters in size, of rare-earth magnetic materials with a non-rare-earth complement (tin-cobalt magnet). Prior efforts to make this material have been unable to precisely align the nano particles, diminishing their magnetic performance substantially. Instead of concocting the material in bulk, like mixing batter, the team is developing a process to control the particles’ alignment by assembling them in regular arrays.

But for batch production for specific project, let us see what will happen in the future.


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