Rare earth magnet analysis

Empirical analysis regarding¬†supply Status: The production of neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnet materials requires the use of rare earth metals refined from rare earths. At present, China has the world’s largest rare earth reserves and production. Therefore, China has the unique advantage of producing NdFeB permanent magnet. At present, China is the Read more…

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Magnetic ball description: The Nd2Fe14B compound a high saturation magnetization (Js ~1.6 T or 16 kG) and typically 1.3 tesla. Therefore, as the maximum energy density is proportional to Js2, this magnetic phase has the potential for storing large amounts of magnetic energy (BHmax ~ 512 kJ/m3 or 64 MG¬∑Oe), Read more…

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Rare earth magnet

Sintered Neodymium magnet

Neodymium magnet: neodymium magnet (also known as NdFeB, NIB or Neo magnet), the most widely used type of rare earth magnet, is a permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron to form the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal crystalline structure. Developed in 1982 by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Read more…

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