Magnetic ball description:

The Nd2Fe14B compound a high saturation magnetization (Js ~1.6 T or 16 kG) and typically 1.3 tesla. Therefore, as the maximum energy density is proportional to Js2, this magnetic phase has the potential for storing large amounts of magnetic energy (BHmax ~ 512 kJ/m3 or 64 MG·Oe), which make magnetic energy value is about 18 times greater than “ordinary” magnets by volume. This property is higher in NdfeB magnet than in samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets, that is the reason why Ndfeb magnet first type of rare-earth magnet to be commercialized.

Magnetic sphere can be used to build many type of things with DIY designing, or you can just use them to play or composite a ring or necklace, magnetic field can help our body to cure injury fast, which I read it on MIT review recently, but for more about medical magnetic effect, you can search more on google or wikipedia, since we are specialized in magnet.


Magnetic ball Coating:

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As Neodymium magnet is prone to corrosion, it is usually preferable for the magnet to be coated for protection. Among a variety of options for coatings, nickel and nickel-copper-nickel are the most commonly used, making the magnetic ball more corrosion-resistant and durable, recently, kyle magnetics R&D use colorful Nanoparticles coating technology to help magnetic ball with better surface treatment as above.

Magnetic ball package:

Customized package supported,

magnetic ball

Normal package with iron box:

magnetic ball

Magnetic ball with vacuum package:

magnetic ball

Warning on magnetic ball:

If you will sell this product online like amazon or ebay, you need to check the target country market regulation, such as?previously mentioned, Amazon’s policy on magnets is that they must be too large to fit into a 1.25 inch diameter, 2.25 inch long tube, so we manufacture disc magnet with 1.26 diameter usually, and need to keep it away from children under 6 years old, for more information about magnetic ball regulation, you can check the pdf below for amazon or just contact us to give your professional advice.

KM federal magnet safety commission


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