Magnetfirm brand established by Kyle Magnet

Magnetfirm cooperated with TOJTO including overseas market research, strategy consulting, and non-profit organizations to establish scientific research and experimental cooperation, expand the supply chain with omnichannel and serve customer in magnetics with one stop solution.

Setting up office in Europe

In order to improve the R&D of magnet industry, we will also set up offices in? in European laboratories and cooperate with a number of well-known overseas institutions, including:

1) University of Bologna, Italy, which is the oldest university in the West, the first four major cultural centers in Europe, has a high academic prestige and influence;

2) Ferrari R & D center: the world famous racing and sports car manufacturers;

3) European Nuclear Research Organization: the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, the birthplace of the World Wide Web;

4) Milan Polytechnic University: QS World University for many years ranked first, the first university in Italy;

5) Turin Polytechnic University: European famous university of science and technology;

6) Modena University: one of the earliest established universities in Italy.


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