The graph indicates the amount of our website changing for magnet marketing purpose in world wide web system during the given time from this May to November. We resolve our domain name to second one, which is, so the data result including second domain names’ UV already. Based on analysis, all the item can be classified into 3 groups.


When it comes to visitors to our website, most of them are international magnet distributors, retailers and importer, part of IP from China comes from our clients like Chinese trading company or end user for industrial field mainly. It witnessed a stable increase from this May to August, Suffered from slightly drop on Spet, then restoring it back to original level. Rising data helps our digital marketing in other platform as well, social media like facebook, linkedin, twitter and B2B site like alibaba, made-in-china and global source etc.


Turning to the unique view, which most people called UV, is the most important element to show the competiveness of website, the average UV experienced a fluctuant from May to Spet, followed by a dramatical climb until Octomber, hitting the peak over the year of 2018. Evaluate the envidence above, main reason is both Christmas and Thanks giving day are coming, and our website mainly focus on foreign market like North American or European, purchasing busy season happens on Spet and Oct, lots of factories are out of production capacity, giving the reason the delay of lead time, and better be careful for company which place part of order to small family workshop lead to problems of QC inspection process if they have.(KM offers the report for each production to clients under serious inspection system, for more information, please download our company introduction)


Interms of download, actions and organic search situation are under the attack of sharply decline. To be specific, organic search demenstrated the most obvious, followed by the actions and eventually stood download. By contrast, regular customer already save related file of us, and few actions will be performed, might clicking in once they find interesed updates of our website.


Seen from the chart, visitors are remaining the stable trend, UV mentions our marketing and IT dept to spend more time on SEO of website itself, meanwhile, operation team should find highlight and resourceful updates for website. Trying to hire more web designer to optimize UI, and marketing team on social media as well, let us know if you are professional and interested in magnetic material science.


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