Kyle Magnetics helps customer with assembling instruction, regarding labour cost in China increased, so we manufacture magnet, and ship to Turkey, Pakistan, India or south Asian to assembling them with iron parts and different magnets to help customer cut down the purchasing cost.

cow magnet cow magnet

1. alnico cow magnet

Material: alnico 5 magnet

Size: 0.5 inch diameter x 3 inch height

Weight: 70g/piece

cow magnet

2. ndfeb cow magnet

Material: ndfeb magnet inside with stainless steel outside

Size: 0.5 inch diameter x 3 inch height

Weight: 74g/piece

3. ferrite cow magnet

Material: ferrite magnets with steel plates and end caps

Size: 0.75 inch diameter x 3 inch height

Weight: 120g/piece

4.ceramic cow magnet

Material: ceramic magnets with ABS plastic cage outside

Size: 18.5 mm diameter x 78.5 mm height

Weight: 120g/piece


Item?No. Material Size Weight Packing Caton Size
HS00147-1 magnet with steel plates and end caps D18.5×78.5mm 120g/pc 12pcs/box
HS00147-2 AlNiCo 5 magnet D12.7×76.2mm 70g/pc 32pcs/box
HS00147-3 NdFeB magnet D12.7×76.2mm 76g/pc 32pcs/box
HS00147-4 two ferrite magnet inside with ABS

D35x100mm 125g/pc 10pcs/box
HS00147-5 ceramic block magnet with black painting F63.5×15.8x13mm 65.4g/pc 24pcs/box



  1. KM grade of cow magnet is Y30bh, rather than normal standard like y25 or lower, we offer magnetic performance testing, B-H curve or you call hysteresigraphic curve is supported after production.
  2. Several manufacturer assembling with ceramic magnet, since the surface of magnet is not smooth, the rough surface will hurt the stomach of cow,?KM cow magnet uses a jet milling process to mill surface as smooth as steel,
  3. Support CE, ISO9001, TS16949 certificates audit.


Cow magnets are popular with dairy farmers and veterinarians to help prevent Hardware Disease in cattle.?While grazing, cow eats everything from grass to nails and staples. Metals will hurt cow’s stomach and cause disease, known as Hardware Disease. The cow loses its appetite and decreases milk output. Cow magnet prevent this disease by attracting metals. KM only use one magnet works for the life of the cow, cure your lovely cow today by contacting us, or check other magnetic application.


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