Kyle Magnetics

believes magnets will make our life better, and our R&D dept dedicated in following application

DIY your magnetic life

Contact us today with your ideas, and we’ll help you to bring magnetic prototype to life!

Mounting Options

* magnetic hardware&tools
* home&office application
* magnetic toy
* advertisement&promotion

linear block motor magnet

Block Linear motor magnet

Linear motor magnet:     Linear motor system is cog free for very smooth motion needed in high precision…

Educational magnet

Educational magnet Educational magnet are widely used in teaching and playing. Generally speaking, Hard Ferrite or alnico magnet are usually used…

Magnetic window cleaner

Introduction: Have you ever clean your window outside your house? Even though you are living in a higher…
gun magnet

Gun magnet

Introduction: Recently, KM created a simple DIY tutorial to make an inexpensive gun magnet mount using a few easily…

Magnetic assembly

Magnet vs Plastic/Iron KM assembly workshop is focusing on magnet with iron/plastic assembling, KM016 is new product which…

Cow magnet

Introduction: Kyle Magnetics helps customer with assembling instruction, regarding labour cost in China increased, so we manufacture magnet,…

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