What is magnetics, how human start to recognize magnetics?

The earth is a big magnet, as more and more evidence proves there are magnetic substance appears in many different forms all over galaxies. So we assume magnetics existed before the big bang in the universe.

Fradi initially finds a phenomenon to generate electricity via using a conductor to cut the magnetic flux. But he still does not know where magnetics comes from and how it connects with optics, magnetic wave and electricity. People know nothing about this mystic power until Maxwell started his work in magnetics which makes me feel deeply respectful when I walked pass by the potrait during my postgraduation study in University of Aberdeen.

maxwell magnetics

James Clerk Maxwell(1831-1876) came from Cambridge to his first professorial post at ‘Marischal College and University’ in 1856.


Maxwell left Marischal College in 1860 when his post was abolished by the Royal Commission that oversaw the merger of the two universities (King’s College and Marischal College) in Aberdeen. Later on, Maxwell took up his next professorial chair at King’s College, London.

Maxwell laid the foundations of modern colourimetry and enunciated the general properties of perfect imaging systems, which help with anotherĀ magnetic application “MRI” (magnetic resonance imaging) invention.

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