Magnet vs Plastic/Iron

KM assembly workshop is focusing on magnet with iron/plastic assembling, KM016 is new product which we build a mold with plastic by 3D printing, calculate the pulling/holding force according to request of application.magnetic assembly

OEM option

Existed mold dimension:

F53*27*h11, Block shape
D43*H31-d6, Round shape


  1. Plastic materials: PP, PE, ABS etc;
  2. Magnetic materials: neodymium magnet, ceramic magnet, alnico magnet etc;
  3. Pulling force: magnetic circuit designing, stronger grade magnet customized manufacturing;
  4. Color and shape of appearance: you can decide which mold you want to build for your product design.

KM offer 3D printing for you development of design, which can save lots of cost due to wasting of mold building stage, Let us DIY our magnetic solutions right now.

Pulling force conversion:

Regarding pulling force, many people might be curious how we calculate it even we did not start a mold, so we never gonna use pull testing machine for breaking power, and did you realize the picture shows pulling force by KG measurement, but it measures weight referring weights and measures convention,  check its conversion below for pulling force

1 kgf =9.8 N(F =M*g)

1 lbf =0.4536 kgf

magnetic assembly

Magnetized orientation:

The further the distance, the weaker the pulling force, slope parameter changes from high point to lower point, this is how gravity works, but since we can change the gravity of the earth, which is a big magnet, so let us use magnetic viewer firm to see the situation we did not magnetize magnet as permanent way like earth magnetism

magnetic assembly

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