magnetic pulley

KM Magnetic pulley is similar to magnetic drum, which designed for continuous self cleaning of  tramp iron that can not be removed by either a plate or over band magnet because of the conveyed product depth, For the best possible protection against tramp metals used permanent magnetic filter in conjunction with plate or over band magnets. The reason why we call it permanent magnetic head roller is this designing is available in two magnetic materials: stand strength, with ceramic magnetic materials; high strength, with high intensity rare earth magnetic materials.

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Contamination enters the roller’s magnetic filed where it is attracted and held firmly on the belt. When it reaches the underside is passes out of the magnetic which continues on its normal routine.


  1. Allow difficult products to be screened;
  2. High volume capacity;
  3. Designed for 24/7 operation;
  4. Removes large to medium sized contamination;
  5. Continuously cleans;
  6. No running costs.


magnetic pulley


Magnetic performance: 3,500 Gauss;

Magnetic materials: Rare earth neodymium iron boron;

Magnetic grade: Standard N 35-inspected and offer BH curve and testing report;

Magnetic field depth:

200 series= 75 mm*, 300 series= 100 mm*, 400 series= 125 mm*

Working temp: -40/+80 centigrade;


Housing and tubing: SS 304 grade;


Back plate: Painted mild steel;

Shaft: Mild steel



Ceramic magnetic materials;

Rubber lagged diamond cut cover;

crowded details;

Protective paint coating.


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