KM Magnetic tool holder:

Product description:

Customized with different materials

Item Holding force Size
Alumnium?knife?holder N38 385*45*18 mm
stainless?steel?knife?holder N42 350*36*16 mm
wood?knife?holder N45 360*50*23 mm
stainless?steel?bracket N52 37*35*16 mm


Details:magnetic tool holder

Length, pulling force and body materials can be customized according to customer’s request.

Logo and package designing is also supported, for normal magnetic tool holder,?feel free to check our catalog in PDF download menu.

Or you can check other magnetic solutions here.


Here’s our solution:KM Magnetic tool holder brings you the most efficient storage method to organize and make visible your most needed stuff whenever or wherever you need it.?A great tool when you need to travel with your small tools and keep it secured & organized.?The Strips has a nice appearance to it no matter where you put it.

Magnetic knife holder is child version of magnetic holder, which help you organize all stuffs in kitchen with safer solution, forget using a electric drill to put screws in your beautiful wall, hanging a knife is always dangerous, most of us are afraid it slips down to the floor by accident someday.

Installation is easy:Either surface-mount the racks right into steel boxes/walls.
Or screw in the optional mounting brackets to wood/felt panels (ex. inside cabinets) or pegboard and attach the magnetic Bars.

You can even use industrial Velcro’s to mount the bars (but the weight of the tools will vary then).Racks can either be installed individually or connected aligned on the wall for better storage efficiency.


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