Have you ever clean your window outside your house? Even though you are living in a higher building. Risks include slipping on water or soap, and falling from heights.

magnetic window cleaner

In 1932 in New York, an average of one out of every two hundred window cleaners was killed per year. On May 29, 1962, four window cleaners were killed when a scaffold fell at the Equitable Life Building.[2][3][4] In 1993 Local 32BJ, the New York window cleaners’ union, launched an apprentice training program, increasing job safety among its members, although increasing numbers of New York window cleaners are non-unionized. Life is too important to waste even you are trained well in this area.

Kyle Magnetics hope to use magnet help our life safer and better, so our R&D dept start make improvement with normal standard window cleaner product.


Product description:

magnetic window cleaner

10*9.5*1.5 cm, with double magnetic surface, clean the outside glass of window inside the house today!


Thickness of glass: if you need to clean super thick glass, please contact us, so we can design a specific proposal for your application.

  1. 3-6 mm;
  2. 8-15 mm;
  3. 15-24 mm;
  4. 15-26 mm;
  5. 18-30 mm;

Magnetic force: customized, mainly use ceramic magnet, neodymium magnet and other magnet is designed according to different working environment.

Plastic materials: materials can be customized as well, mainly use ABS, PP

Color option: yellow, blue, white, dark blue and red.

Visit us for more magnetic application.


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