Magnetic application breakthrough!

magnetic ball

Kyle Magnetics masters core technologies such as recycle and reuse of rare earth magnets for waste materials, develop a low-purity / mixed rare earth permanent magnet formulation and preparation technology with independent intellectual property rights, and make full use of HD / Homogenization Powder and other methods, R&D of rare earth permanent magnet waste, customized with other materials assembling them with magnet in different application.

gun magnet

Gun magnet

Introduction: Recently, KM created a simple DIY tutorial to make an inexpensive gun magnet mount using a few easily obtainable parts. In the process of building our own, we decided to…

Magnetic assembly

Magnet vs Plastic/Iron KM assembly workshop is focusing on magnet with iron/plastic assembling, KM016 is new product which we build a mold with plastic by 3D printing, calculate the pulling/holding…

Colorful pot magnet

Colorful Pot Magnet: Pulling force, magnetic materials and iron house of?Colorful Pot Magnet?is customized, logo and package is supported to be designed as your requirements. What we can do is…

Document magnet

Introduction: Regarding magnetic home&office application, we used to manufacture the push pin magnet, for holding A4 file or document on white board, so we call them document magnet some times,…