Kyle Magnetics

believes magnets will make our life better, and our R&D dept dedicated in following application

DIY your magnetic life

Contact us today with your ideas, and we’ll help you to bring magnetic prototype to life!

Mounting Options

* magnetic hardware&tools
* home&office application
* magnetic toy
* advertisement&promotion

Pickup magnet

Pickup magnet Alnico pickup magnet may be the most popular, but ceramic pickup magnets?are also an option to…

Alnico pickup magnet

Pickup magnet The basic principle of the pickup is like an electromagnet. Both integral and six-point pickups are…

Colorful pot magnet

Colorful Pot Magnet: Pulling force, magnetic materials and iron house of?Colorful Pot Magnet?is customized, logo and package is…

Magnetic tool holder

KM Magnetic tool holder: Product description: Customized with different materials Item Holding force Size Alumnium?knife?holder N38 385*45*18 mm…

Document magnet

Introduction: Regarding magnetic home&office application, we used to manufacture the push pin magnet, for holding A4 file or…

Magnetic pick up tool

Magnetic pick up tool Introduction: People always got headache when they want to get small hardware, or other…

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