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devotes ourselves in clean energy and prevent global-warming effect with our knowledge in magnetic materials!

R&D of low-cost and high-abundance of Ce-doped sintered neodymium key technologies, focusing on breakthroughs in high-abundance rare earth permanent magnet phase into phase problem, master the different rare earth elements in the new magnetic functional materials in the law of action, synergies and Regulatory methods;

Developing high-end, high-quality, high value-added, special-shaped NdFeB magnet products for wind turbine, generator and alternator, developing low-magnetic declination and high-end magnetic fields in high-end fields such as high-precision magnetic sensors, variable frequency drives and medical nuclear magnetic resonance Processing precision.

The development of new energy vehicles direct-drive permanent motor magnet, dedicated service NdFeB permanent magnet to solve the work of the Engine, wheel hub motor, servo motor and other drive motors through the high cycle heat shock magnetic failure, poor weather resistance and other issues, developed a high coercivity (> 30kOe), high temperature (200 ℃ ~ 220 ℃), good magnetic uniformity EH \ AH sintered NdFeB products to enhance the high-level rare earth permanent magnet materials and permanent magnet motor core competitiveness.

Removing the ferrous impurities from the raw materials or finished product, usually used in food, fine chemical, lithium battery and plastic injection industry, with customized magnetic solution for specific production line.

Focusing on power saving and avoid friction and  liquid isolated environment for torque transmit, R&D of rare earth permanent magnet waste (ultrafine powder) to prepare high-performance renewable rare earth permanent magnet technology to achieve a balanced and efficient use of rare earth resources and reduce the cost of rare earth permanent magnet raw materials.

Focusing on permanent magnetic chuck magnet, lots of chuck magnetic manufacturer use it in metal process, material handle, mold quick change system etc, which help you get much more efficiency, precision for each production step.


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